helper Tiki Video Bar

NADA Miami Beach
Deauville Beach Resort
6701 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33141
December 1-4, 2016

helper Tiki Video Bar is an outdoor installation anchored by a functional bar adorned with found cultural artifacts collected by Nathan Gwynne and Zerek Kempf during their drive from New York City to Miami. The project features a collection of artist videos available for viewing in nearby cabanas. In conjunction with their videos, contributing artists have produced unique and editioned prints, paintings, sculptures, drawings, records, and t-shirts. These “movie posters” will be on display for visitors to browse.

Featuring works by:

Phoebe Berglund
Philip Birch
Blind Arch
Melissa Brown
Jason Byers and Black Black Black
Sean Carney
Tania Cross
Ben Dowell
Elizabeth Ferry
Joey Frank
Dawn Frasch
GWC, Investigators
Nathan Gwynne
Nathan Hauenstein
Institute for New Feeling
Ariel Jackson
David Kennedy-Cutler
Kalup Linzy
Tim Long
David Lukowski
Zerek Kempf
Clinton King
Jessica Langley
Reuben Lorch-Miller
Andrea McGinty
Mores McWreath
Miná Minov
Andrea Merkx
Craig Monteith
Hugo Montoya
Steve Mykietyn
Naval Cassidy and the Hands of Orlak
New World UNLTD
Mitch Patrick
Rebecca R. Peel
Zak Penley and TOWER
Claudia Peña Salinas
Nicole Raber
RADA (Rashad Bailey and Davis Thompson-Moss)
Lorelei Ramirez
Chris Rice
Carlos Rigau
John Richey
Christopher Rivera
Jean Robert
Bryan Rogers
Sven Sachsalber
Jason Lee Sarin
Mike Schreiber
Mark Sengbusch
Eileen Isagon Skyers
Haim Steinbach
Michael Stickrod
Tyrone Tanous
Katie Torn
Graham Watling
Allison Wade
Derek Weisberg
Michael Welsh
Paul Weston

Performances and DJ sets by:

Maria Chavez
Nick Klein featuring Demetrius Klein Dance Company
Bob Linder & Jonathan Runcio
Maig Crack
Paul Weston