Martin Hyde, Elodie Delaigle, Emilie Pischedda

Sticks & Stones

March 13 - April 19, 2015
Opening reception: Friday, March 13, 6 - 9pm


Sticks & Stones combines two artists and a curator.

Martin Hyde has produced a series of plates and bowls, an irreverent tribute to the blue and white ceramics from Jingdezhen. Not your typical chinoiseries, we are immersed in a surrealist kitchen collage of internet images that Martin frenetically collects copies pastes erases replaces defaces… A return to classicism in a bastard form, porcelain has yet to be redesigned.

Emilie Pischedda re-appropriates André Cadere’s infamous colored rods by a change in the medium. The cylindrical wooden units become skateboard wheels. A collection of casts involving the wheels are erected upon a pedestal. Relics of a human form encircle the spectators in a manner of ancient American Indian hunting technic: the prey stands bewildered, surrounded, witnessing cultures overlap.

Elodie Delaigle has for years been collecting, sampling and mashing film and video from its origin to its evolution and demise. Random YouTube and post-Internet videos, from Arthur Lipsett to Vicki Bennett. For Sticks and Stones, Elodie edited a video loop in dialogue with Martin and Emilie’s work, and banks on the abstract and poetic distortion of history and time as the moving pictures she reunites are deterred from their initial context.

Their practices differ yet find themselves in the same territory: détournement and homage within the deniers of humanity on the hyper acceleration of a plausible gap in neoclassicism.