ruSalon presents:
May 19 - June 15, 2013
OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, May 19, 5-10pm


The titles of the artworks in the show were provided by ruSalon to the artists by way of an invitation:

“Subjectivity is an Irreducible Element of Objectivity”
“The Maintenance of Unaware Preconceptions”
“That Which We Can Only Call Something Else”
“Include the Knower in the Known”
“Analogy Making as Perception”
“We Don't Control the Controls”
“No Amount of Just Looking”
“The Syllogism Worked Out”
“The Adjectivelessly Banal”
“The Truth of Accountants”
“Capitalized Prepositions”
“Reflexivity is Only a Foil”
“As Serious as Your Life”
“Uni Asymmetric III-IV”
“In the Fog 1, 11, 111.”
“Faithful Re-creation”
“Space is Only Noise”
“So it Comes to This”
“Leave of Presence”
“Oblique Strategy”
“A Real Possibility”
“Element of Style”
“Applied Poetics”
“Press Release”

The titles are meant to be suggestive to the artists -- and the collection of phrases is meant to be
suggestive to everybody. They are intended to conjure a meaningful mental-space; implying themes
pertaining to the operation of language in describing art, intelligibility as a property of artworks, reflexivity, and,
perhaps, the status of intention and meaning.

We do not know what work will be included, nor what kind of work it will be: nor are we certain how many
invited artists will choose to participate. We do not now how full or empty the space will seem nor how
colorful the show will be. We do not know how prevalent the human figure will be or processes of
photography, the variety of gestural lines or the nature of any allusions to unicorns.
ruSalon was formerly an exhibition space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Currently, ruSalon functions occasionally as art.