Dominic Nurre
Conservative Video Work: Abstraction
February 9 - March 9, 2013
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, February 9, 7-9pm

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I'd like to show a favorite episode of Star Trek Voyager, from season 2, titled Tuvix.  It should be a straightforward and traditional installation, the unedited episode on a monitor, on a pedestal, an otherwise empty space, quiet.  The audio then should be separated from the visual and ideally only heard from the sidewalk outside Helper. I have an office chair we can install outside also, in the event someone cares to sit for the whole show.

Dominic Nurre presents Tuvix, episode 24 of Star Trek Voyager, in which two main characters of oppositional personifications become fused into a single individual as a result of a transporter accident. The new hybrid character, Tuvix, quickly becomes a comfortable, productive and progressive member of the crew, filling the gaps left by Tuvok and Neelix, and then some. The episode ends with Captain Janeway choosing to disintegrate Tuvix, returning the main characters to their pre-abstracted original individualities and phsyicalities. Life returns to usual on the starship Voyager.

Dominic Nurre was born in Mankato, MN, 1980. His work has been shown at West Street Gallery, Team Gallery, Anna Kustera, and Thierry Goldberg Gallery, among others.  In 2010, Nurre was included in the third iteration of Greater New York at MoMA PS1.  He has had solo shows at Asia Song Society and The RuSalon.  Dominic Nurre lives in New York, NY.