Benny Merris / Michael Welsh

Exhibition on view January 18 - February 9, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 18, 7-10pm


Nascent Magma Far Flung is a series of over one hundred unique prints by Benny Merris and Michael Welsh. Printed, painted, and flocked with velvet powder, each print is equally phosphorescent in natural light and blacklight. While often working in divergent media, the two artists share an ongoing studio dialogue concerning the tension between improvisational gesture and the psychoactive science of optics.

This project was conceived in collaboration with New York electronic music label Lost Soul Enterprises, who approached the duo with the idea of producing a limited edition, artist-designed velvet blacklight poster. The result is this - a tour de force trip through the typologies of abstraction rendered in a decidedly lo-fi and lowbrow format, each image reaching its own critical mass through a combination of multiple layers and erasures.