Michael Stickrod

June 28- July 27, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, June 28, 7-10pm


Karl (Old Norse), n., 1. A man.

DNA (informal), That part of a person's character that has a genetic origin.

Karl-Craft (personal), Visual home brew.

Karl-Craft is not shy to celebrate the genetic origins of character. Not only does Michael Stickrod share the name Karl with his father Richard and son Oskar but also the art of Karl-Craft. helper invites you to experience these individual expressions of distinct genetic origin.

Michael K. Stickrod (b. 1978) has exhibited his work in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Marseilles, Oslo, Copenhagen, Zurich, Brussels, Milan and Berlin. In 2008 he was awarded an Altoids Award and participated in an exhibition at the New Museum in New York. Richard K. Stickrod (b. 1940) is retired and makes art in his workshop in Columbus, Ohio. Karl Oskar Stickrod (b. 2007)