Christopher Rivera

Our friends were there at the spot. We were in shock. This was the worst scene I've ever seen.
November 6 - December 17, 2015


Christopher Rivera, Untitled, 2015, digital video

- Hi! I just wanted to get some input from this blessed place of knowledge.
Can anybody tell about how spear wounds work? For that matter, what kind of wounds let say a broad spear head would make, or what would a roman pilum do to someone?

I hope there is someone out there with some answers!


- Hey Jay!
Lynn Thompson in his "Graphic proof" DVD give's, well, graphic proof of spears deadly effect.Being on the line in olde days must have been heck.Like most things in life, swords get all the glory but spears did all the work.

I would start by talking about the size of the wound channel (i.e., the width of the spear blade). You could then progress to the types of wounds generated by different spear tips. For example, a triangular or square spike creates a wound that does not readily close, the end result being more blood loss.

Although we're very much aware of what swords, spears, and other bladed weapons can do to a human body, most of us don't like to discuss it. There isn't a set rule against such topics here, but unfortunately, such threads normally go downhill fast - which then becomes a moderating headache for the forum staff and the humanity.