Merkx & Gwynne with Typaldos
#catcamp @ helpurr
June 30 - July 7, 2013
Live feed:


July 7th from 2PM until ???

34: 3+4=7 on 7/7=777th HEAVEN.

+++LIVE music by:
the Reducer
Rachel Higgins and Charlie (famous singing dog)
Cy & Caito

+++DJ sets by:
Sam On It
Keneth Cohen
DJ Mayonnaise Hands
DJ Hashpig
DJ WordDocument
DJ JazMasterDre

by Christopher Rivera



KARO:SMMS #catcamp @helpurr

Sergeant Major Mittensocks is a streetwise New York City kitty. His first known home was with a Swiss guy, Olaf Breuning. His second human, Barb Choit, has Canadian/American citizenship. He's an orange tabby (like Garfield or Heathcliff). He has a biting problem because he gets over-excited when people like him. He drools when over-relaxed. Most of our friends are a little afraid of him.

Sergeant (SMMS) has been staying with foster parents Merkx & Gwynne (Typaldos is allergic) and since his artist mother packed up her Brooklyn apartment for good, he is now officially an orphan ...again. We thought we’d do something crazy and confusing to celebrate his new found independence, so for one week SMMS will stay in a specially designed enclosure that we’ve built just for him. Since we came up with the idea when we were in Switzerland, as art-workers, everything on the interior is built from art packing and handling materials.

Catvalon is both an imaginary space and a real place. Participants have been invited to visit and document SMMS inside of his enclosure (#catcamp). On the outside, a cat themed art show will decorate the rest of helper (renamed @helpurr for the exhibition). The entrance to Catvalon will be sealed at the opening. The majority of viewers will only experience the enchanted mists of Catvalon through the internet, i.e. via remote viewing. In Arthurian fashion, Catvalon is a space only available to initiates. At the opening all webfeeds will go down, making sure that neither the real nor imaginary public will know whether the cat is alive or dead.

the rules of #catcamp are thus defined:

There is no #catcamp.
//During the festival of July 7th the doors to Catvalon will be sealed.

//Materials should not be camouflaged. Materials should be used where they're supposed to be used, and their nature should not be hidden, i.e. cardboard and tape, litter-boxes and wood.

//The things in cat camp should be #SMMS-colored.

#viplounge ,,,^..^,,,~
#catviteonly {=^-ω-^=}
//Visitation to #catcamp will be limited to cat handlers, photographers, and #catcampers. The exhibition of cat and #SMMS related artworks will be relegated to the exterior of Catvalon so that they might be enjoyed by the visiting public. Catvalon is unfortunately closed to the public for the good of the cat.

King Arhtur Rock Opera: Sergeant Major Mitten Socks (KARO:SMMS #catcamp @helpurr) is a return for Merkx & Gwynne to investigations of classical themes depicted in still life painting. As we work our way up the evolutionary ladder from lobsters to cats we are pleased to introduce Nickolaus Typaldos as a collaborator in our newly minted acronym of M&Gw/T.

#catcamp is about creating a space for a cat to be adored in, but also about generating attention and play in the digital interwebs through which you are reading these characters.
#catcamp website:
webcam live feed:
Instagram feed of #catcamp:

#DROOIDS of #Catvalon:
Andrea Merkx
Bayla Metzger
Laura Hunt
Linnea Kniaz
Matt Grant
Nathan Gwynne
Nickolaus Typaldos
Rachel Ostrow

Purreests of #CatstonburyTor:
Adam Marnie
Adam Sipe
Alice Cherry
Anthony Miler
April Childers
Ben Dowell
Carlos Rigau Keneth Cohen
Chopper Wilson
Christopher Rivera Brujo Tocadiscos
Claudia Peña Salinas
Cindy Daignault
Dane Patterson
Darren Goins
Davina Semo + Nathan Gwynne
Derek Franklin
Edgar Leciejewski
Elizabeth Ferry
Elizabeth Jaeger
Georgia Elrod
Graham Collins
Hallie McNeill
Halsey Hathaway
Jeff Degolier
Jen Liu
John Richey
Jonah Freeman + Justin Lowe
Joshua Thorson
Laura Hunt
Leah DeVun
Liz Brown
Marco Schmitt
Maria Louisa Calandra
Matt Grant
Merkx & Gwynne
Nickolaus Typaldos
Olaf Breuning
Paul Bergeron
Rachel Ostrow
Ricardo Gonzales
Rona Yefman
Scott Hug
Swill Children
Tamara Gonzales
Tom Long
Van Hanos
Gergmontigue von Witts
Zerek Kempf

Barb J. T. Choit
Erica Baum
Jen Li