Video. Group. Screening. Show.
October 6, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


BEST OF BEST OF BEST OF was founded in Berlin in 2011 by the Artists Patrick Alt and Marco Schmitt.
BEST OF BEST OF BEST OF is a video compilation that is expanding from show to show, from city to city wherever it is screened.
There is no focus on a specific issue. There are no limits.
Each screening presents videos from different contexts and creates a composition. All videos become a unity.
There are good and bad videos, but we are showing the BEST OF BEST OF BEST OF.
BEST OF BEST OF BEST OF wants to connect artists and viewers all over the world.
Best videos for best compostion for best presentation for best audience.

After Berlin, Stuttgart, Rome and Mexico-City: now in Brooklyn, New York.

Artists invited by Patrick Alt, Nathan Gwynne, Zerek Kempf, Nora Moschüring, and Marco Schmitt

+ Emilio Barriga + Carrick Bell + Chris Boni + Clara Brörmann + Angela Conant + Mariechen Danz + Debora Delmar + Ben Dowell + Kerry Downey + Famed +
+ Rainer Ganahl + Sonja Gerdes/Fette Sans + Aaron GM + Nathan Gwynne + Daniel Herleth + Sören Hiob + Christian Jankowski + Zerek Kempf +
+ Jen Liu + Byung Chul Kim + Florian Klette + Justyna Koeke + Natalia Ibanez Lario + Jaeeun Lee+ Jen Liu + Pia Maria Martin + Will McMillin +
+ Mores McWreath/Cathy Park Hong + Andrea Merkx + Carmen Omonte Miraval + Vera Mayer + Miguel Monroy + Christian Niehoff + Christina Ochoa +
+ Yoshua Okon + Patrick Fabian Panetta + Birgit Rathsmann + Sarada Rauch + Anahita Razmi + Christopher Rivera + Carlos Rigau + Steven Rose +
+ Manuel Scheiwiller + Adam Shecter + Nathalie Snel + Paul Sochacki + Simon Speiser + Henning Straßburger + Jennifer Sullivan + Kestutis Svirnelis +
+ Bora Tanay + Georg Tiller + Isaac Torres + Jordan Wolfson + Tzu-An Wu + Ulrich Wulff + Nick Zedd +