Articulated Lair's

Amy Brener
Ben Dowell
Raphael Taylor
Zuriel Waters

May 24 - June 15, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, May 24, 7-10pm


"Objects are the way things appear to a subject - that is, with a name, an identity, a gestalt or a stereotypical template, a description, a use or function, a history, a science. Things, on the other hand, are simultaneously, nebulous or obdurate, sensuously concrete and vague. A thing appears as a stand in when you have forgotten the name of an object. So things play the role of raw material, an amorphous shapeless, brute materiality awaiting organization by a system of objects." (William J. T. Mitchell, "What Do Pictures Want?")

When artworks are produced and encountered, close to the core experience there is a lingering lapse of identification. Aspects of the object itself are suspended in a moment of pre language, not destined to become sedentary as facts and understandings. 

The work in this group exhibition foregrounds such a distinction within aesthetic experience -- between that which can and that which cannot be categorized. In this schematic, or on such a level, the works not only hold these elements in opposition to one another; they have also acquired a base anxiety -- from a root awareness of the distinction and the inevitability of an attempt at categorization.