Adam Shecter

Stories from Satellites

September 24 - October 16, 2016


Work courtesy of 11R

For the past two years, Adam Shecter has been working on Satellites, an animated fusion of oceanic science fiction and kitchen-sink narratives. Structurally informed by The Canterbury Tales, Satellites introduces a variety of travelers who share their tales and motivations as they journey across an ocean. During this time, Adam Shecter has presented a variety of studies and sketches for "Satellites." These works contain the DNA of the larger work in progress.

For his show at helper, Shecter presents Stories from Satellites, introducing two new storylines (both in the form of single-channel videos): In one, a sculptor tells the story behind one of his recent works, in the other, an artificial intelligence explains how its avatar - which takes the form of a dog - is becoming a separate consciousness.

In addition to these videos, helper will be wallpapered in movie posters for Satellites. These posters will be available as a takeaway.

Adam Shecter was born in Dallas, TX in 1976 and currently lives and works in New York City. Shecter was educated at McGill University, Montreal and the Bank Street College of Education, NY; he attended The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2006. He is a 2014 MacDowell Fellow in Film and Video. He is currently a high school teacher of video and animation at the Churchill School and Center.